Ribavirin 200mg Capsule

Ribavirin 200mg Capsule
Product Description

Ribavirin 200mg Capsule

Indications :

Chronic Hepatitis B
In patients previously untreated with alpha interferon
In patients who have relapsed following alpha interferon therapy
Dosage :

Ribavirin must be used in combination with either peginterferon alfa-2b or interferon alfa-2b.

The dose of Ribavirin is based on patient body weight.

Ribavirin capsules are to be administered orally each day in two divided doses (morning and evening) with food.

Adults : The dose of Ribapro is based on patient body weight.

Ribapro must be used in combination with either peginterferon alfa-2b (1.5 micrograms/kg/week) or interferon alfa-2b (3 million international units [MIU] three times a week). The choice of combination regimen is based on the characteristics of the patient.

Patient weight (kg)

Daily Ribapro Dose

Number of 100mg capsules

Number of 200mg capsules



8 (4 morning, 4 evening)

4 (2 morning,2 evening)



10 (4 morning, 6 evening)

5 (2 morning,3 evening)



12 (6 morning, 6 evening)

6 (3 morning,3 evening)



14 (6 morning, 8 evening)

7 (3 morning,4 evening)

Children 3 years of age & older and adolescents : Dosing for children and adolescent patients is determined by body weight for Ribavirin and by body surface area for peginterferon alfa-2b and interferon alfa-2b.
Packing:1 Strip of 8 Caps.

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